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Oh how I love Sunday afternoons.  A guilt-free hour of reading a good book on the couch.  Scooping up leaves in the backyard while the dog races through and “poof!” scatters them everywhere.  A hot cup of tea with your loved one after a cold trek to church.

Something about Sunday afternoons just feels right.  It’s a sense of well-being, a calmness in your soul that says “it’s okay to kick your heels up today and do something you love.”  We all spin around at a breakneck speed Monday thru Saturday, but there’s something almost holy about the sabbath rest on Sunday.  A routine of creature comforts that just soothes our nerves and makes everything right in the world.

Growing up, my Mom would invite me in to the kitchen on cold Sunday afternoons to whip up a batch of chocolate chip cookies from scratch.  She would lovingly add the chocolate chips into a perfectly-mixed amalgam of flour, sugar, and eggs and let me do the dough tasting(!).  The thick smell of baking cookies would waft through the house.  When my Dad and brother came in from outdoor chores to watch the Redskins game, my Mom and I would bustle in to the den with a fresh plate of cookies and glasses of milk to share.  As we all sat down to watch our favorite team, bundle up under blankets, and sink our teeth into those little morsels of happiness, you couldn’t help but feel the love.  This is what I know about Sundays.  Family togetherness, giving and serving in love for one another, and good food as the glue to make it all come together.

In hope you’ll join me as I share my favorite Sunday stories and recipes with you.  My goal is to revisit that special something that makes Sunday afternoons so perfect- whether it be trying a new recipe while my husband sits at the kitchen bar and talking to me about our big dreams, or an afternoon hike to clear the mind and rejuvenate for the busy week ahead.

What is it about Sunday afternoons that gives you that “ahhhh” feeling?  Do you have a special family routine that puts you at peace?  A walk to the park?  A big family pot luck meal after church?

Reminisce & inspire others by leaving your comments.


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